Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thank you for being a friend…..

This week Matt wanted to take some time to thank people for their support and encouragement.
This blog has really meant a lot to him and the comments are so encouraging!!

He told me he really wanted to thank Ford Motor Company and the UAW for all they did for him.
The support through the process of medically retiring, and “just keeping everything straight."
He enjoyed his career at Ford very much. Matt is a journeyman plumber/pipefitter.  When the disease got to the point he could no longer work, he received a lot of support from his coworkers and management an he is truly grateful!

He also wanted to thank all the medical professionals, Dr. Kuns locally and Dr. Boissey at the Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center. He said “She’s a peach” and he would like for me to meet her some day. (I would like that too!)  He really has enjoys his therapists from Firelands also and told me “They are all pretty cool.” This week while he was having therapy he called me and put his therapist Aleta on the phone so I could tell her how to get to the blog.  (Did I mention how proud he is of this???) He said Courtney and Michelle are pretty cool too, and he reminded me again “Do your exercises!”

Matt said he can’t say enough how much his family means to him. He said he could never do it without their support. His kids are starting to fly the coop so there is only Julia at home now with him and Cindy but he appreciates ALL they all do for him.

He looks forward to visits and dinner with his sisters and he likes catching up with his brothers on the phone and hearing about Paul’s latest visits around the country.  (Promoting his books.)

Matt said he loves to talk to people and he’d love to hear from anyone if they’d like to stop and visit you can leave a message here or leave a message for Cindy or Kellie.  (email Matt said he’d love to talk to anyone else with MS that may be going through the same thing (or similar)!  He just wants people to know what he’s been through!

He is also looking forward to the MS Walk and excited to hear about people joining Team O!
You can do that HERE.   Just click “Join Team O” and if you don’t want to fundraise, (you can over ride the monetary amount to $0) it is NOT mandatory. We want to raise awareness!  

Don’t forget about our Facebook Group …. just click “Join Group”- we read comments to him and he calls me to see if there is “anything new”!

We will have some more blogs coming up and I personally want to thank everyone for the support.  It absolutely brightens his day and to be honest it’s been great for me to do something for my brother who has ALWAYS been there for me.  If you have a story about Matt O. from when you were either in school, work, or just knew each other….please feel free to share!

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  1. It makes me to cry to think of of even though he has so many challenges now, Matt still thinks of others! I'll never forget how he used to always say "Thank you Henry Ford," when he got the job at Ford that he enjoyed so much! It sounds so trite, but I think that Matt O., you are a "profile in courage!" Love you so much!