Sunday, March 6, 2016

Breakfast of Champions

My weekly ritual on Saturday mornings is to meet my sister Robin and Cousin Sue, we go to Weight Watchers and then have (a healthy) breakfast after. This week we went to Berardi’s because it’s close to where the meeting is and we like it.  To our surprise we walked in to see Matt O. and his high school buddies!
Matt O. with (Left side) Mike Kuns, Larry Felske, Tom Barnes and Right side (Sue and Robin) Don Pfeil, James Schaufler, Jeff Warren) It was such a nice surprise and it’s so nice of them to do this for Matt!  Matt told me he loves getting together with them!

Then today, we celebrated our oldest brother Paul’s birthday and breakfast out again!
Pictured Matt O, Robin, (me)Kellie, Dorene and the birthday boy Paul. 
We went to Bay Bell, in Bay View, where we grew up and it’s like going to Cheers….where everybody knows your name!  Matt said he loves just sitting and talking and reminiscing.
We KNOW our mom would be so proud to see her kids together. Only missing Todd O. (He lives in Georgia) but Paul took care of that and photoshopped him in :)
Todd plans on being here for Walk MS and all six of us will be there to support Matt O.
Matt says “I can’t wait!”

Matt’s slowed down this week and the very real possibility of not being able to live at home is a reality that he is ready to face. He recognizes he needs more constant care than he can get at home. He said he can’t really explain it but “I’ve slowed down a lot”. He said notices it in his speech and his memory and he knows “I should remember things that I don’t.” 
Matt gets around ok in the wheelchair but the risk of falling is warranted since he’s fallen twice and broke a hip and an ankle in the last couple of years.  He also has lost a lot of his finger dexterity and trouble gripping things, even to eat.  We talked about that a bit and he said it’s ok, because he’d be around people and still “get to see everyone”.  
Matt loves this blog and his way of connecting to everyone and loves hearing the comments that everyone leaves!  
I was telling Matt about Pastor John’s sermon today and I’m sure it’s not the whole message but what I took away from it is about knowing your worth. When you’re young and vibrant you know what you have to offer the world but as you age or get sick you know longer have that same “worth”. Pastor John said “You don’t know your value, if nobody takes you seriously.” This really just resonated with me and I thought about Matt and how his body doesn’t do what it once did. John also compared it to a sports hero that everyone is cheering for - while they are winning- but when he starts to lose the cheering stops, sometimes even the boo-ing begins.  I told Matt I wanted him to know how much he is worth to me! Even though he can’t do the things he once did, he’s still here for a reason and I don’t know why God gave him this journey but He did and we need to learn from it and if even one person reading this blog gets something from it, then it’s all been worthwhile. 
He said “I know, Kell, I know.” I’m always here cheering for you Matt and TEAM O is ready to walk for you- raise awareness about MS and maybe just maybe someday they will find a cause and a cure!

Join US for the Walk! May 7th - Sign up HERE

You don’t have to buy a shirt but if you’d like to, you can do that HERE

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Team O. is having a “Coffee Hour” at church on Sunday March 20, following worship at Congregational UCC - Worship at 10, Coffee Hour following (Around 11 a.m.)  Matt will be there for some real live chatter!

I can’t thank you all enough for the support, the comments and the prayers.


  1. Great pictures! So glad Matt got to see so many family and friends this weekend! Matt's wisdom is worth a million dollars to me!

  2. Just started reading, Matt, nice to meet you. Your sis and I have been friends a long time now. I had an Uncle Marvin that had MS, had to walk with crutches for a long time, and probably some stuff I never knew about since I was little then. Anyway, he started taking some vitamins that were for cattle, and whatever was in them put him in complete remission. He even became the President of the Square Dancing club in their town. So, anything's possible. Thanks for sharing thoughts with us. xxoo

  3. Matt- this comment is from our cousin Janet who lives in Florida (related on the Orshoski and the Yeager side )

    She says: Please give Matt a special hug for me and tell him I hold him in my heart and prayers.

    Janet has MS too, and she thinks of you all the time. (She is not on Facebook or Google, so I am relaying her message. from Dorene)