Monday, March 14, 2016

Just Tired

Matt has not had a good week.  He’s been pretty depressed.
Your words of encouragement and kindness really mean a lot to him. 
I asked him what was going on and he said “I’m just so tired.” 
He also said he’s tired of being tired and it’s “just this disease.”
He told me “everything about it is hard, it’s hard to carry on when you can’t do anything by yourself."
He went out to dinner recently with my sisters and aunt and he said it’s so hard when you need help to eat and he doesn’t want to “bother anyone.”  I told him I hope he knew we didn’t mind helping him and he said he knew that but he just really “doesn’t want to be a burden.”   He said he knows we don’t mind, he just really wishes he could do it himself.
Pictured Kellie and Matt on Christmas Day 2015

More than anything I wish I could wave a magic wand and make him better. 
Like anyone with a chronic illness, he has good days and bad days, but lately he’s had more bad than good. 

We talked about our Coffee Hour at church this week and he is really looking forward to that. He said “I’ll be at church, too.”   
Sunday March 20, 2016.
Church starts at 10 a.m.
Coffee Hour Following at:
Congregational UCC
205 Main Street
Castalia, OH  44824
(The white church by the duck pond)

If you are available, please rally around Matt and show him you care!
I think it will do him a world of good to get out and see people!

March is MS Awareness month and we wanted to share some of the symptoms of MS:

Pain areas: in the back or eyes
Pain circumstances: can occur in the back due to head nod or with eye movement
Tremor: can occur during precise movements, in the hands, or limbs
Muscular: cramping, difficulty walking, inability to rapidly change motions, involuntary movements, muscle paralysis, muscle rigidity, muscle weakness, problems with coordination, stiff muscles, clumsiness, muscle spasms, or overactive reflexes
Whole body: fatigue, dizziness, heat intolerance, poor balance, vertigo, or weakness
Urinary: excessive urination at night, leaking of urine, persistent urge to urinate, or urinary retention
Sensory: pins and needles, abnormality of taste, or uncomfortable tingling and burning
Visual: blurred vision, double vision, or vision loss
Mood: anxiety or mood swings
Speech: slurred speech or impaired voice
Also common: acute episodes, constipation, depression, difficulty swallowing, difficulty thinking and understanding, headache, heavy legs, numbness, numbness of face, rapid involuntary eye movement, sleep deprivation, tongue numbness, or difficulty raising the foot
Matt said it’s safe to say he’s experienced them all and it’s just so hard to explain. 
Please join us in walking for a cure - Walk MS in Sandusky CLICK HERE
If you haven’t joined our Facebook Page, a page to leave a note or thought: Click Here
Not everyone can leave a comment here and that is one of the reasons we made the Facebook page.
If you’d like to send a card to Matt - I know Cindy would read them to him:
Matt Orshoski
11311 Dining Road
Bellevue, OH   44811


  1. Matt, so proud of you coming forward to share this disease with us. How many others are suffering and afraid to say, you are their voice.
    I remember you from High School
    You were funny and everyone was your friend. Singing solos is concert every freshman girl had a crush on you.
    You still inspire us with your words. We each have our own struggles and yours reminds us how small ours are.
    You, as always face things with such humility and strength. Stay strong Matt we love you and your fighting Polar Bear Spirit.

  2. Matt, you have always been so giving to others. That is probably making it harder to ask for help with things like eating, etc. But people want to help you. This illness isn't your fault and it is ok to ask for help. We love you and pray for you daily.

  3. Sorry you've had some bad days.