Monday, April 4, 2016

MS has taught me…...

I recently found a Facebook post on a page I like called Lift MS.

They asked you to fill in the blank. MS Has taught me…..

I was touched by some of the comments I read from others with MS and shared some with Matt and also asked him to fill in the blank.
He said MS has taught him “To Live”….
Even though he lives in a much different way than he ever imagined and there are days he wants to give up…. He said “It’s hard, ya know?”
And he thought it was very cool to hear what others had to say and he said he can relate to it all.
He also said there are times he wishes he could “blame somebody” -- but it’s "nobody’s fault.”
He said all he can do is his best and he tries, and he doesn’t “want to be a pain in the butt.”

Matt is also very excited about Team O and the MS Walk. We have raised over $1300 for our Team and have 26 registered team members!  At our Coffee Hour at church we raised over $200 and Matt is VERY Thankful to all who came and all who donated either online or at coffee hour. (Our church family is amazing!)
March was MS awareness month and he can’t stress enough how important it is to raise awareness.
He said it’s “So cool” that so many people are rallying around him!
You can Join Team O. HERE 

MS is hard he said, “it sucks”. He said he’s really does’t have any pain like others do, but he’s tired all of the time and the lack of mobility is just hard.  When eating,  he said he chokes a lot and he doesn’t like that he make a mess, but he really can’t help it, and he feels bad, even embarrassed by it.
He said “just everything is hard”.  He said he knows it’s important to do his exercises and even though he can’t do a lot, he knows it helps keep his joints loose and can only do what he can but to everyone it’s important to “keep moving!”

Just a reminder you can keep up with Matt O. at our Facebook page “A Chat with Matt” 
Just hit “Join Group” and we will add you.

As always Matt looks forward to hearing comments either here or on the Facebook page and if you can’t do any of that, you can email me, and I will be sure to share them with him!

Thank you for your support! (Special Thanks to Melanie Boyd for the decorations at coffee hour!)


  1. Love from The Wahl's Matt O! MS is a bitch and you are a fighter as always.

  2. You are always in my thoughts and Prayers Matt!!

  3. I love you to the moon and back, Matt O!!!!

  4. Thinking of all of you tonight Matt! How did the tribe do?